Laneway Homes

About Burnaby Laneway Houses

What are Burnaby Laneway Houses? Laneway homes and secondary suites are rapidly gaining popularity due to their affordability and practicality. They offer an ideal solution for addressing space-related challenges that often arise within growing families. These homes provide an affordable means of adding extra space and can serve as a valuable source of additional income. Silvercrest Custom Homes & Renovations specializes in helping you maximize your space for personal and financial benefits.

Laneway houses, also known as secondary suites, are typically situated at the rear of an existing property, facing a lane behind the main house. This housing concept is especially prominent in Vancouver and its surrounding regions.

Laneway Houses ADU – Accessory Dwelling Units

These compact, standalone units offer supplementary living quarters for extended families or can be utilized as rental properties within the community. In addition to providing financial security for homeowners, detached laneway suites offer an excellent opportunity to enhance the overall value of your property.

These residences are alternatively called detached ADUs or laneway houses in Burnaby. “ADU” stands for detached accessory dwelling units, the official term for these types of homes. This acronym aptly categorizes this style of housing construction. In the Burnaby urban area, the term “laneway home” is widely used; however, several other terms are used interchangeably, including coach homes, secondary suites, garden cottages, backyard suites, and carriage homes.

Can laneway houses be sold in Vancouver?

In some areas of the Lower Mainland, it is permitted to sell laneway homes independently from the main property. This depends on your municipality, so consider local regulations or consult a professional if you’re considering a sale.

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